Wow! A witty inspiring interview from you dear LittleAussieLezzie! Thanks for the nomination and great questions! Getting excited already! Hugs

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Ladeez and Ladeez, let me begin by extending a muhassive cyber-hug of gratitude to When Strangers Kiss who so kindly nominated me for the prestigious Liebster Award!!   Woop Woop!!!

Apparently the rules of the Liebster Awards are as follows:

First, thank the person who nominated you.  Second, answer the eleven questions they asked you.  Third, nominate eleven other people (who have 200 or less followers), and ask them eleven questions in return.

Okay, so firstly I’d like to say THANKS A BUNCH to When Strangers Kiss!  You totally caught me by surprise and I appreciate it hugely.  This whole blogging caper is so much fun, and for me it is a quirky creative outlet that I derive serious pleasure from.  I am extremely blessed to have some regular followers and contributors who give me feedback and remind me that there actually are people reading what I post who…

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Lesbian, published erotic writer, lover of life, education and experience in many fields including English literature, herstory and counselling
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  1. that is awesome! Congrats!

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