My Sanity Slipping Away

A Butch's Journey Through Pregnancies and Parenthood

I’ve entered my third and final trimester. We’re almost done… My nervousness is becoming worse and worse as time dwindles down. I think after 28.5 weeks I have become better at keeping my nerves from showing too much on the surface. I feel like a duck, calm from above the water but legs kicking furiously below the waterline. I am worrying about things that had only briefly crossed my mind in the past. I am getting fixated on issues that I was previously too butch to care about.

Our daughter’s room is done. Crib assembled, closet organized, walls painted. It looks beautiful. My wife did an incredible job decorating. I have been fixated on our daughter’s clothes. I worry more than I need to about how I have the clothes organized. I have rearranged the closet and dresser twice during major overhauls and multiple mini changes during random adjustments. I…

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About Leniking

Lesbian, published erotic writer, lover of life, education and experience in many fields including English literature, herstory and counselling
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