#equalmarriage Made in Heaven by Leni King

I do, I do, I do
Love you
My darling girl so true
Meet me down the aisle
Two brides, one heart, one gender.

Honour me with your sexy smile
Cherish me
Submit to me
Watch over me
Through good times and bad
Like only my wife can do

And in return I pledge to you
My love
My life
My eternal fidelity.

We vow this day
Before the Lord above
That even death,
Long from now we pray,
Will never break us apart

Equal love
Twin souls

In truth we promised long ago
We need no laws or vows

No ring
No veil
No scraps of paper
No church or state.

For we were wed in heaven
Before the dawn of time
And blessed by God
To find each other
Among the human maze

Our fate
Our faith
Our destined date
I do
I do
I do.

About Leniking

Lesbian, published erotic writer, lover of life, education and experience in many fields including English literature, herstory and counselling
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8 Responses to #equalmarriage Made in Heaven by Leni King

  1. chaseboehner says:

    Excellent poem that gets to the heart of any union between twi kindred souls. Love is Love is Love Is Love.

  2. CAWhite says:

    Beautiful. I’m envious of any 2 people who love this much. Who cares what form love takes, as long as people are loving. For love existed before all else; before marriage, before morals and laws, before religion and should’s & shouldn’t’s.

  3. Lily Pollux says:

    Love this, it appeals to my romantic soul, Lily Pollux

  4. Leniking says:

    Matt Capruvia (@MattCapruvia) (via Twitter)
    06/02/2013 16:30
    @LeniKing1 I´ve just read #equalmarriage poem in your blog! Putting beautifully in paper the feelings of lots of british lesbian! Congrats!

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