Hi All!

I am new to blogging and keen to share some of my romantic and erotic poems as well as hear from you guys about blogging. You are welcome to post your poems here too!


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    • leniking says:

      Thanks DLCS! Go to dashboard, then appearance, then widgets and you will see it and be able to drag to sidebar. Wow – nice to be able to help someone, usually the other way round with me with sidebars 🙂 Let me know if thats clear, otherwise I can go into more detail.

  2. What’s the “posts I like widget” on the bottom of your page? Where can I get it & would you mind if I’d get one? Keep up the good work! You’ve just got yourself another follower.

  3. this is amazing. I am Chaz. I do have a fb and twitter page. I do have a group page called Rainbow Connections and love to invite you. You have a passionate way of writing.

  4. satinthenewsavior says:

    I look forward to reading your book, I invite you to check out mine http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BL8EV2I

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