You got me in a Spin, Valentine – by Leni King

Valentin's Day with an Erotic Spin

Valentine’s Day with an Erotic Spin

Spiralling, spiralling
Down, down
And yet I climb higher, higher
Round and round I spin

Yet soaring as an eagle
On wings of your love
Feel my hot kisses
Hot tongue
Sweet caress within

Pouring over my sex
Gushing, gushing
Flying with the pleasure 
As you release your rushing river

For me and only me
You are my prey
Like an animal I devour it
My elixir, my life

Yet now I cede control
Let you enter
My lair
Let you dare

To take all I have
All I possess
And more
For you and only you
Beloved creature I adore

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Leni King’s next blog appearance

Yours truly will be a guest blogger on SH! On February 21 with the following article:
Inspired by Sappho: A perspective on Lesbian Erotic Poetry by Leni King
This is a great honour as SH! is the top sex toy blog and has a huge readership amongst readers of erotica.

Also in April I have been invited as a guest on Filthy Friday!

I will be following in the footsteps of saucy erotic writers such as Lucy Felthouse.

You will also find many Valentine’s pressies for lesbians on the blog this week!

Check it out!

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Fruit Salad

Biting into succulent peaches
I dream of your soft, curvaceous rear

My mouth drools
A delicate deep red strawberry
Reminds me of your clit
Ooh, let me take 
A luscious nibble of it

Bananas sweet and sticky
Chopped in slices,
Perhaps a shame,
My imagination runs wild
Remembering the last time
When we came….


Meanwhile, munch your way through Lesbian Juices Volume 1

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#equalmarriage Made in Heaven by Leni King

I do, I do, I do
Love you
My darling girl so true
Meet me down the aisle
Two brides, one heart, one gender.

Honour me with your sexy smile
Cherish me
Submit to me
Watch over me
Through good times and bad
Like only my wife can do

And in return I pledge to you
My love
My life
My eternal fidelity.

We vow this day
Before the Lord above
That even death,
Long from now we pray,
Will never break us apart

Equal love
Twin souls

In truth we promised long ago
We need no laws or vows

No ring
No veil
No scraps of paper
No church or state.

For we were wed in heaven
Before the dawn of time
And blessed by God
To find each other
Among the human maze

Our fate
Our faith
Our destined date
I do
I do
I do.

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Guest post by a dear friend

Tireless Spirit

Tireless spirit with broken wings,
One heart, too many arrows,
No truths, too many lies,
Bridging the century, have things changed?

You can not put a price on my soul,
What has been the price of yours?
While you stand and just watch, 
You will not direct my future,
Having your own interest at heart.

By Lily Pollux

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Turkish Delight by Leni King (extract from upcoming short story)

As the dress dropped to the floor around my ankles, she grabbed my arms roughly and pulled my body towards her. The mound of her pussy clamped on my nether lips, which were very visible through my thin and saturated panties. As I reached out hungrily, grabbing her waist, our eyes met in a mutual expression of burning desire. I gasped and she silenced my breath by planting her big red lips onto mine.

Her tongue roughly searched my open mouth, pushing into the very depths of my throat and my pussy began throbbing and dripping even more. I could not remember ever having felt so turned on. Who would have thought such a feminine woman could be such an animal towards a complete stranger?

She pushed my panties down and cupped the bare flesh of my cheeks, grinding her sex against my clit, sending me into a complete spin. I tugged at the flimsy blouse she was wearing and my hands soon found her heaving breasts. She muttered something Turkish into my mouth as I squeezed and twisted her erect nipples while she continued to penetrate my throat with her tongue.

Suddenly she pulled back and looked at me…

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Tasty Time

Here are 2 of the twelve verses:

Down, down down
Where there’s no 
Nine to five
Enter, enter enter
Where there’s no
Websites or Windows live

Licking you up, down, up
Round and round,
Lost in your rhythm
Circling with my tongue
Til your teeth tingle
And I taste
Your sweet cum

(The full poem and many, many more are in my upcoming book, Lesbian Juices, Volume 2)

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Coming Out with Lesbian Poetry

Many thanks to dear KT for inviting me to write this article as part of the 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation event. What an honour to be among such great writers!
Anyhow, it starts like this….

2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Leni King: Coming out with Erotic Lesbian Poetry

Should the straight world have access to our sexual secrets?

When I first started writing erotic lesbian poetry and short stories, they were for my eyes only. I would often write erotic poems and stories as private gifts for my girlfriend. At present many of these remain personal and unpublished. I have published a number of short stories on non-lesbian themes but was somehow reluctant to publish explicit lesbian material.

Yet, in recent years lesbians have published fiction and screen plays that have gained popularity with mixed gay and straight audiences. Our world is far from secret any longer. The success of the  BBC’s serialisation of Sarah Waters’ books such as Tipping the Velvet in 2002, the American TV series ‘The L Word’ from 2004 to 2009 and more recently the appeal of the BBC’s Lip Service are tributes to that fact. And perhaps rightly so. Our literature and our world is no longer in a “ghetto” albeit not ‘mainstream’. Whilst my intended audience is a lesbian one, I am finally happy to embrace a wider readership if it means getting my work ‘out there’.

The world of publishing seems to be flooded with straight Erotica and with a couple of notable exceptions, most Lesbian Erotica is poorly written and often not even written by lesbians.

In the short time since its publication, my collection of erotic lesbian love poetry, ‘Lesbian Juices’ has received great feedback and reviews and this has been really encouraging.

Lesbian Juices’ is self-published and is on Amazon (Kindle). Sales have begun to take off. Readers did not, thankfully, regard it as simply gratuitous sex, but as one reviewer and fellow writer put it:

 “[A] Lovely book – deep and honest, loving and passionate. Short poems that touch your soul, Leni really gets to the heart of the matter.” Of course I wanted the poems to be a turn-on and to include explicitly erotic material, but to also offer complex layers of lesbian life. Hence my delight when another reviewer described the book as:

“Steamy poetry, not to be read alone. The betrayal is painful, the lovemaking evokes vivid mental images”.

Challenges of poetry

In a way, I made my life a little difficult with the genre of poetry. Poetry is often something people do not readily read in the modern era, preferring novels or television. Add to that that it is lesbian poetry and it narrows the field further. Indeed, I do not know of any other erotic lesbian poetry collections out there. But that’s why I hope to both meet a need and ‘break the mould’ with this collection. My goal is to bring the love of poetic imagery back to the fore. Poetry is a medium well suited to sensual and arousing images, more so than fiction in many ways due to its greater freedom of expression and ability to break the rules, juxtaposing many ideas at once and evoking a very personal interpretation for the reader. That’s why some of the greatest poets of all time, such as Shakespeare, chose poetry to express their love. Shakespeare’s best Sonnets were, as most academics believe, written to his male lover the anonymous young man.

Please see
For the full article!

Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event

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Look out for another blog hop interview!

And well done to Karena on an enlightening interview! love the bit about sharing one pussy!

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BABBLING ABOUT BOOKS, AND MORE!: 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Reading Lesbian Romances by Jen aka Twimom227

BABBLING ABOUT BOOKS, AND MORE!: 2013 Lesbian Fiction Appreciation Event: Reading Lesbian Romances by Jen aka Twimom227.

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