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Leni King’s Liebster Award Interview!

Firstly, I am sending tons of cyber-hugs of gratitude back to Loz, (http://littleaussielezzy.com/) who so kindly nominated me for the prestigious Liebster Award!! What a massive honour!!! Liebster is the German for favourite. The rules of the Liebster Award is as … Continue reading

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After All

Savouring your saucy Yet angelic smile, As you slumber still I drink in your visage, An addiction Stronger than any pill. The smell of your sex On my fingers, legs, face Thoughts of shameless positions Last night’s delicious disgrace. (Extract … Continue reading

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Inspired to write Erotic Lesbian Poetry – a Quick Romp Through Time

Guest Post by Leni King “Inspired to write Erotic Lesbian Poetry – a Quick Romp Through Time” http://sex-toys-blog.co.uk/?p=4565 Guest Post on Sh! by Leni King Poetry is a medium well suited to sensual and arousing images, more so than fiction in … Continue reading

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Fruit Salad

Biting into succulent peaches I dream of your soft, curvaceous rear My mouth drools Anticipating A delicate deep red strawberry Reminds me of your clit Ooh, let me take  A luscious nibble of it Bananas sweet and sticky Chopped in … Continue reading

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#equalmarriage Made in Heaven by Leni King

I do, I do, I do Love you My darling girl so true Meet me down the aisle Two brides, one heart, one gender. Honour me with your sexy smile Cherish me Submit to me Watch over me Through good … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight by Leni King (extract from upcoming short story)

As the dress dropped to the floor around my ankles, she grabbed my arms roughly and pulled my body towards her. The mound of her pussy clamped on my nether lips, which were very visible through my thin and saturated … Continue reading

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Blame Game by Leni King

It’s not my fault You burnt the cake You stirred it, Mixed it, Baked it Burnt it Did I speak to you too much? Love you too long? What did I do wrong? You burnt the cake But I’m sorry … Continue reading

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Weekend Delights by Leni King

Thoughts of you Got me through The first days back At work And now At last The weekend’s here A time of play An oasis in a desert, You quench my thirst You fill my cup, Sweet nectar No talk … Continue reading

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Happy New Queer

Happy New Year May it be full of gay joys Same sex marriages And sensual new sex toys, Happy New Queer Full of erotic romps… Oh how many each day Will realise They are indeed Gay? Happy to be what we … Continue reading

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Butch in the Streets (extract) by Leni King

High heels clicking, Clacking, Tapping Butch boots squeaking, Banging, Flashing Flexing…   Enough courting Let’s start cavorting   High heels Naked body   Swinging from the end of her toes Shiny black leather At the end of her tether Butch brown boots … Continue reading

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