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Leni King’s Liebster Award Interview!

Firstly, I am sending tons of cyber-hugs of gratitude back to Loz, (http://littleaussielezzy.com/) who so kindly nominated me for the prestigious Liebster Award!! What a massive honour!!! Liebster is the German for favourite. The rules of the Liebster Award is as … Continue reading

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After All

Savouring your saucy Yet angelic smile, As you slumber still I drink in your visage, An addiction Stronger than any pill. The smell of your sex On my fingers, legs, face Thoughts of shameless positions Last night’s delicious disgrace. (Extract … Continue reading

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How many orgasms can she have in an hour? http://tinybytes.me/facts/omg-facts-about-orgasms?v=Ja4jmZfIkrQ_s21r5VlCAHRY0sUxUhNMYYcdxVQ0yzzaqO5IJnfK-XmFaVOuyHI6q4ZzHeczlOes5Korx02N6A&pid=98168&utm_source=mylikes&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=ml&utm_term=23959928

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You got me in a Spin, Valentine – by Leni King

Spiralling, spiralling Down, down And yet I climb higher, higher Round and round I spin Yet soaring as an eagle On wings of your love Feel my hot kisses Hot tongue Sweet caress within Pouring over my sex Gushing, gushing … Continue reading

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Turkish Delight by Leni King (extract from upcoming short story)

As the dress dropped to the floor around my ankles, she grabbed my arms roughly and pulled my body towards her. The mound of her pussy clamped on my nether lips, which were very visible through my thin and saturated … Continue reading

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Tasty Time

Here are 2 of the twelve verses: Down, down down Where there’s no  Nine to five Enter, enter enter Where there’s no Websites or Windows live Licking you up, down, up Round and round, Lost in your rhythm Circling with … Continue reading

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Happy New Queer

Happy New Year May it be full of gay joys Same sex marriages And sensual new sex toys, Happy New Queer Full of erotic romps… Oh how many each day Will realise They are indeed Gay? Happy to be what we … Continue reading

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Butch in the Streets (extract) by Leni King

High heels clicking, Clacking, Tapping Butch boots squeaking, Banging, Flashing Flexing…   Enough courting Let’s start cavorting   High heels Naked body   Swinging from the end of her toes Shiny black leather At the end of her tether Butch brown boots … Continue reading

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Ice, Ice (extract)

Rolling in the powdery snow Our bodies sink into A white nether world Your icy fingers Push past the layers Squeeze my hot nipples Expose them to the frozen waste Frantic to feel the wetness Between your legs, I search … Continue reading

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As One

As One I found you again At last My lover through the ages Immemorial love I recognised you Across the crowded bar And when your hand Is inside of me And I am in you We are where We’re meant … Continue reading

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