Leni King’s Liebster Award Interview!

Liebster-Award2Firstly, I am sending tons of cyber-hugs of gratitude back to Loz, (http://littleaussielezzy.com/) who so kindly nominated me for the prestigious Liebster Award!! What a massive honour!!!

Liebster is the German for favourite. The rules of the Liebster Award is as follows:

First, thank the person who nominated you. Second, answer the eleven questions they asked you. Third, nominate eleven other people (the 200 or less followers rule appears to be breakable), and last but not least – ask them eleven questions in return.

So thanks again lovely Loz mate – I admire your work so much – and to think you feel the same about me is mind blowing!!!! I really enjoyed your interview for your award – especially its humour and honesty – and I too believe we each have a twin soul out there waiting. It’s a needle in a haystack multiplied by a trillion trying to find them, but the Universe gives us a lot of signs and half-memories along the way – so the trick is to follow the signs…. and your heart – no matter where it leads.

Someone on Goodreads recently asked me as a condition of being a friend, ‘what is the meaning of life?’ The answer was easy – Love. My poetry is all about sharing that first and foremost with lesbians, but after that with anyone with an open-minded enough to get the picture.

So, without further ado, its time for the fun to start with some intensely delightful personal questions from Loz.

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
That’s an easy one, fresh and dried fruit, Greek rye bread, cranberry juice – a girl has to stay healthy for whatever the day will bring!!
2. Do you always wear underwear? If not, how often do you free-lip it?
Ha, ha, love this question, Loz. Sometimes in the mornings I just put jogging pants on and in the summer I wear very loose boxers as shorts and free-lip it. But I need soft cotton between my nether lips and a pair of jeans!
3. Favourite body part on a woman? Please oh please, don’t answer “her mind”. Aargh… I’m shooting for shallow and playful here!
That’s a tough one as there are so many! Her arse is a definite favourite – perhaps because it is such a taboo area and I love to gently spank it too! But deep inside her pussy and soul is where it’s at….
4. Ever fallen asleep somewhere you shouldn’t have? Where was it?
I can fall asleep anywhere. I once fell truly sound asleep on a school chemistry table as part of a class experiment on breathing. I also once overslept for an exam – for my English literature degree of all things! I had to be ‘quarantined’ when I finally arrived and was allowed to take the exam in the first aid room!! But I am happy to report I have never fallen asleep during sex… at least not with a woman!!!!
5. If you were a stripper/porn star what would you call yourself?
Oooh, Loz you ask the naughtiest questions! Lez-Lips perhaps (since you brought up the subject of those, lol)!
6. If I created lezzy utopia would you want to live there?
The closest thing on earth to Lesbian utopia is Eressos in Lesbos Greece. I go there some summers and have an idyllic time – but after 2 weeks I need to go back home with my gf – there is only so much I can take of a bunch of dykes all at once!
7. What’s the theme song to your life?
That’s easy. A fortune teller once told me the theme song of my life and It’s proved true ever since – Frank Sinatra’s I Did it My Way. Regrets? I have had a few, but then again, too few to mention…
8. Best song/music to play during sex?
Mostly we make our own music…
9. What’s your favourite joke?
Well it’s not my favourite – but the best I can do for now – and I can get away with it since I have Irish distant relatives…
What do you call an Irish lesbian?
10. Do you have body piercings? If so, where?
Only the ears –plus all the piercings my cat does leaping off my lap suddenly!
11. What’s something about you that’s quirky, unusual or surprising?
People say it’s the openness (pun intended) of my poems – the deeply erotic but at the same time intensely moving and spiritual nature that takes them by surprise. I am talking here about the poems in my book, ‘Lesbian Juices’ – many of which are at an even deeper level than those on the blog and are extremely erotic and arousing…

All that remains now is for me to nominate the 11 blogs that in turn deserve the prestigious Liebster Award. Of course the first would be http://littleaussielezzy.com/ but she nominated me for the prize!  Apologies I have still not worked out how to embed the links better (tips welcome!).

Quite a few nominees are lesbian blogs, others are erotic or other creative writers I admire both for their work and support of other writers. And on that note I would also like to mention Tameca at http://www.waidbooks.com/ – I don’t think she has a blog but is an awesome writer and supporter of other writers via twitter, facebook and her website.
So here goes – If anyone has a Liebster already and I did not know – now you have two!
And here are the questions to qualify for your award my friends:
1. What was the main thing that led to you creating your blog?
2. What is your dream?
3. If you had to give one piece of advice in life – what would it be?
4. Which famous lesbian (dead or alive) do you admire most and why?
5. Which not-so-famous lesbian do you admire most and why?
6. What is your view on lesbian and gay marriage?
7. What is the thing about sex between 2 women (or 2 men) that turns you on the most?
8. What do you believe, or would you like to believe, if anything, happens to our spirits after we die?
9. Is there such a thing as eternal love?
10. Where is the strangest place you ever had sex?
11. What 3 tips can you give to any would-be successful blogger?

About Leniking

Lesbian, published erotic writer, lover of life, education and experience in many fields including English literature, herstory and counselling
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3 Responses to Leni King’s Liebster Award Interview!

  1. Reblogged this on Rainbow Connections and commented:
    congrats to you and the award!

  2. Loz says:

    Heeeeeeeey Lez-Lips 😉 You are most certainly hugely welcome. Thanks for your thanks and for saying my q’s were intensely delightful!! It’s nice to be understood 🙂 Your answers are awesome!! I hear ya re lezzy utopia – too many dykes in one place can be scary…. I’d like you to know that I really don’t have many friends so it won’t be overcrowded 🙂 Oh yeah, I totally love that you said “arse”… it’s an honest answer that I respect!

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